Narrative Paintings by Preston McCall

These paintings are what are referred  to as Narrative. They tell some obscure story and are based on personal experiences of the artists. Some are from the 70's and continue until recently. 

Essence, Presence and Imagination 36x36


Virgil in the Basket 18x11"


Edge 8x10"


Mother Nature in New Mexico 16x20"


Aces and Eights 20x24"

This painting refers to a nefarious character in my family tree, Jack McCall, who shot Bill Hickock whilst playing cards with Martha Jane Burke, AKA Calamity Jane, at the #10 Saloon in Deadwood, SDT, 1876. Bill held aces and eights in his last hand of poker. The candle flame indicates the door has just opened and some dastardly act is about to befall Wild Bill.

Uncle Jack 11x14" Sold


O Zero Flat Sable 36x36"

Music 20"x20" - SOLD

The Hat makes the Man 11x14"


The Hurlist 20x28 


Three Graces 33x27"


The Kiss 32x28"

Uncle Jack 11x14 sold



Zwo 36x36 


King George 24x28


Rado 11x13 SOLD


Paradice  24x16


Santa Fe 26x48 


Mona 22x28 


Elegant Terns 48x48


Leonardo 24x28 SOLD


Fiestaware 11x14 


Dragon 22x28


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