Paintings of Vintage Automobiles


1967 Corvette 7x14" oil on panel $1800 SOLD


2016 Stingray 12x12" oil on panel $1800


1956 Bel Air Hood" oil on panel $1200


59 Impala 18.75x8.75", Oil on Dibond panel May 2012 SOLD


58 Impala 17.75x18.75, oil on Dibond panel, May 2012 $2000

57 Chevy Tail Fin 17.75x18.75, oil on Dibond panel. April 2012 $2000  

1969 Camaro Pace Car, 32x48", oil on Dibond panel, April 2012   $4500




1963 Split Window  Oil on panel 60x18" $4500




evolution of Camaro painting...color after line drawing done with mouse



59 Vette 24x36" Oil on Canvas $4500


59 Vette Front 24x36" Oil on Canvas SOLD



39 Ford 40x60" oil on canvas SOLD to KC Ford dealer



Universal Car (back of 40 Ford) 12x24" Oil on panel SOLD to KC Ford dealer


59 Retractable Ford 48x55" Oil on Canvas SOLD to KC Ford dealer

34 Roadster 24x36" oil on Canvas SOLD to SM Ford


Flying Hound 24x24" Oil on Canvas SOLD to SM Ford



36 Ford Brewster 40x50" SOLD to KC Ford dealer

in office


57 T Bird 36x36" oil on canvas SOLD to Blue Springs, MO Ford dealer


56 Crown Vic 60x48" Oil on Canvas SOLD to SM Ford dealer


63 T Bird Roadster 48x48" Oil on Canvas SOLD to Blue Springs Ford dealer

64.5 Mustang 84x48" Oil on Canvas SOLD to SM Ford

In office




Close up

T-Bird 48x120" Oil on Canvas SOLD  In reception area


63.5 'R' Series Galaxie 427 36x80 SOLD   56's 48x48" Oil on Canvas SOLD


32 Ford Delivery 22x36" Oil on Panel SOLD to Trucking Co in Minnesota


detail of 63.5 "R" code Galaxie


Brewster in Office



41 Lincoln Zephyr 40x50" Oil on Panel SOLD to collector $4800      actual photo


These are oil paintings of vintage automobiles done on canvas. Each one is carefully researched and thoroughly studied to give my best depiction of the car. Having been around the car business all of my life, I have developed a strong sense of appreciation for great auto design and I believe Ford has done a fine job of developing this. From my  earliest memories of what cars were really about, Fords were the acme of design. I remember seeing the new '59 Galaxie and thinking that it could go no further! Now, when I look back, there were so many and still are. I am fond of Ford design and I appreciate other manufacturer's bold efforts. For now, I am just concentrating on gathering all of the interesting Ford design ideas and trying to make some interesting paintings.

Obviously, I have a similar love of Chevrolet. Some of the Corvettes were wonders of industrial design in so many ways and continue even through today.

Most of these are done on commission. Should you be interested in one of any particular automobile, it can be arranged. Prices range from $1000 up, depending on size and research needed. If you are interested in a group of them for your dealership, email me and I will be glad to walk you through the process. It is really very easy. I just want to hear what you have in mind and I will develop a proposal of what I believe you will enjoy for many years. Imagine what the people will think fifty years from now, when they see the art you acquired for your dealership or office? Art is the one thing that never goes out of style, despite all the car manufacturer's efforts to make us believe that we need another new one. We all wonder, "Why don't they remake that one!" Whatever happened to hood ornaments? Are they ever going back to fins? How about the four door convertible phaetons? 

Set  your dealership or office apart with original automotive art!



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